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Where did the name Hali come from? 

Back in the spring, Lauren cycled up a virtual volcano with 8 friends. This was a 5 hour climb ride on her Peloton and mimicked climbing the Hawaiian volcano, Haleakalā. The support, encouragement, and strength of the women she rode with was incredible and inspirational. Hali (ha-lee) came from this and symbolises strength, determination, support, and kickass women! 

What is Hali Club? 

Hali Club is for women who want to learn more about their health, fitness, and wellbeing. We want to provide a platform for women to gain first hand advice on topics that are important to them. Once you join, you’ll be able to access talks from professionals and experts in different fields. We aim to hold some events too where you will have the opportunity to meet like-minded women. 

Is this a franchise? 

No. Hali Club is the brainchild of Lauren and is something she is building on her own. 

Do I have to be a member to access the talks? 

Yes. Only members can access the talks and events. 

When are the talks held? 

Talks will be held in the daytime and evening. We hope to stream them to our private Facebook page too so members can access them at a time that suits them.

The talks we host will be on a variety of subjects. We will listen closely to what our members want and source speakers who should be able to offer great advice. We welcome feedback and are happy to receive suggestions of people you would like to hear from. 

In the future, we hope to offer events where we can get together and meet like minded people. Watch this space….


For Lauren’s entire adult life, and possibly even before then, she hopped from diet to diet, exercise plan to exercise plan. One website would tell her strength training is the key to weight loss, another told her it would bulk her out. She read that carbs are the enemy but that we also need carbs. That too much protein will make you fill out but your body needs protein after exercise. She found herself jumping from one thing to the next without having any real direction other than the snippets she would read on the internet or Instagram and a whole bucket of confusion.

In May 2018, a school friend left his job in a gym and began work as a Personal Trainer so Lauren jumped straight in. She and her husband had one session a week with him and still do. But aside from that, her exercise plan was all over the place. One day she’d be in the pool, the next she’d be running and then she might find herself in the gym another day hopping from machine to machine in the hope that it was doing something

Then, in February 2020, Lauren bought a Peloton bike and her attitude towards fitness, health and wellbeing began to change. The first National Lockdown came a few weeks after the bike arrived so suddenly she found her exercise options limited. She spent more and more time on the bike and a whole new world opened up. She joined several online groups and eventually found a love for Power Zone Training. She became lead for a team in the PZpack.com challenge and continues with Power Zone Training regularly. She’s seen her fitness improve massively over the last year but also made lots of lovely virtual friends who also ride the bike that goes nowhere. THIS IS WHEN HALI CLUB WAS BORN!

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